Why Van Steel?

  • Nov 29, 2017
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We strive our best to make our parts as good as, or in many cases, better than factory. We listen to our customers along with sponsor drivers to use our parts so we can make sure they a built as best as possible. We have tight tolerances in our build assemblies to ensure our parts will as long or longer than factory original pieces. Van Steel also sources the best vendors for the materials and parts we use to build and assemble our inventory. These vendors include but not limited to, SKF, Hyperco, QA1, JRi, Timken, Hawk, Wilwood, Hard Bar, Borgeson, CSSB, AC Delco, Carolina Sway Bar, and Gun Drilling. 


Other key components:

- New 63-82 front hubs

- New 63-82 rear trailing arm bearing supports

- Bearing specs with tolerances down to the thousandth degree

- 63-82 rear spindle and front hub run outs to Van Steel spec for maximum braking efficiency 

- Anti-seize on key components (coilover kits for example)

- Suspension upgrades 100% reversible to stock configuration if needed

- Customer service support for street/track/drag setups


We are here to help your corvette ride, drive, and handle to the best of its ability along with looking and driving like YOU want it to. Our staff puts in the work each day to provide the best service and parts available to the Corvette community.


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