A camber brace is a suspension component that connects the front upper control arms of a Corvette to each other effectively boxing in the front suspension/frame. It is designed to help improve the car's handling and stability by reducing flex in the front suspension.

When a Corvette is driven aggressively, the front suspension can flex and twist, leading to changes in the alignment of the wheels. This can cause the tires to lose traction and can reduce the car's handling and stability. By installing a camber brace, the front suspension is stiffened, which helps to maintain the proper alignment of the wheels and reduce the amount of flex and twist that occurs during hard driving.

The camber brace also helps to improve the precision of the car's steering by reducing the amount of play in the front suspension. This can result in more accurate and predictable steering response, making the car easier to control and more stable at higher speeds.


1963 - 1982
C2/3 Electric Fan Camber Brace

$299.99 each