The links below will lead you to more information about removal of various parts on Corvettes.

Alignment Specs - 84-96

C4 Coilover Disclaimer

Key to Ordering the Correct Kit

C4 Coilovers

88-96 Front - 84-96 Rear

C4 Delrin Instructions


C4 Lowering Wedges

Install for front lowering wedges and rear 10" bolts

C4 Rear Toe Rod


C4 Sway Bar Instructions - 84-96

C4 to C5 SKF Conversion

Racing Bearing Upgrade Instructions

C5 Brake Upgrade Kit - 84-96

Caliper Mounting Bracket Instructions - 84-96

Camber Brace Instructions - 84-96

HD Caps - 84-96

JRi Brochure

JRi Shock Tuning

Data sheet to adjust JRi shocks

Long Acre Racing Front Bump Steer Instructions

Lower Rear Coilover Mount - 84-96

QA1 Shock Instructions C4

Valving, Install, Maintenance

Smart Struts - 84-96

Van Steel Policies