JRi’s performance technology allows one to transition from street to track in minutes, optimizing overall handling for the desired application. The C5/6 platform is nearly ready out of the box. Upgrade your ride and handling with any JRi shock or coilover package. Get one of the best built shocks in the world and enjoy your cross-country road trip and you can hit up your favorite race track along the way. With coilovers, you get complete ride height adjustability to tailor your ride to how you drive.

Updated JRi upper pivot mount for C5 and C6 Corvette Shocks


1997 - 2013
Car Set of Coilover Pin Mounts w/Hardware

$299.99 each


1997 - 2013
Rear Upper Coilovers Mount Kit

$199.99 each


1984 - 2013
Hard Bar C/O Pin Mount w/Hardware (pr)

$123.99 pair


1997 - 2013
JRi Double Adjustable Coilover Shocks - RAFT Valving

$4,999.99 4 pcs


1997 - 2013
JRi Double Adjustable Shocks w/Remote Canisters - RAFT Valving

$6,899.99 each