Wilwood Tandem Master Cylinder - 15/16" Bore - Choose from Black or Polished Look

15/16 Bore ideal for factory and Wilwood D8 style calipers. Provides a softer pedal with higher leverage than OE. On big brake kits, you'll have a similar to factory pedal feel and leverage. 

  • Pushrods specifically configured for C2 Corvettes
  • Lightweight, high-strength
  • Compact size - 6.55" long, 4.08" wide, 3.03" tall
  • Fully capture bellows to keep moisture out
  • Includes fittings for: 3/8-24, 1/2-20 and 9/16-18 IF brake line fittings
  • Finishes include gloss black e-coat or polished-look media burnished aluminum

Part number: BKW-260-16521

Price: $350.99 each

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