Wilwood, Rear SL4R Red Caliper, 13" 2 piece Drilled and Slotted

Rear: SL4R

Wilwood’s racing heritage continues in the rear 4 piston, forged billet, mono-block style caliper for the 65 to 82 Corvette. Again, the lightest rear caliper (4.6lbs.) available, this caliper uses stainless steel pistons and designed for performance. Mounting in the original location, this caliper facilitates no restriction of the parking brake components, easily accommodates either a 13" or 14" rotor. 

 All rotors are of a 2 piece design, black anodized aluminum “hats” or centers, using air craft securing fasteners for maximum strength and durability. In the standard kit, “black calipers” the rotors are slotted and un-coated.  The slotted rotor extends rotor life, maximum pad sweep surface, while providing a channel for pad off gassing and water film during braking. Un-coated for maximum breathing, these are intended for racing.

 Rear Brake Line Options:


  • BKW-220-10632 - OE Trailing Arms
  • RB-13-RCO - Offset/Coilovers

Part number: BKW-140-10471-DR

Price: $1,947.99 pair


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