• 4 QA1 Single Adjustable Shocks
  • 4 Hyperco Springs
  • 2 Lower Rear Coilover Mounts Designed by HardBar
  • 2 Upper Front Clevis Pin Mounts Designed by Hardbar
  • 1 Set of Spanner Wrenches

Our single adjustable coilovers allow you to adjust your ride height along with simultaneously adjusting compression and rebound in the shocks. This system allows you to completely tailor the car to your drive style and needs. From easy riding cruiser, to all out track attack. If you select lowered or custom, we'll call you to confirm how you'll be using your Corvette.

Spring Rates are:
Front K=400
Rear K=350

Price: $1,949.99 4 pcs

Built to order lead time: 3-5 Days

Additional Options: