65-82 Rear SS Flex Line Kit

  • DOT Approved
  • Eliminates Stock Line From Kinking
  • Easy Installation
  • Great for Offset T-Arms or Coilover T-Arms

There are two main objectives for our longer rear line. One is to eliminate the drastic bend on the stock flex line, especially with offset t-arms. Second is ease of installation. Even with stock t-arms, getting new hard lines to mate up to the stock rubber lines can be a hassel.

This rear line kit is for stock OE style calipers. A brake line grommet is provided in the kit and inserts in the brake line bracket. This will keep the line from chaffing. We also provide two (2) brake line clips with bolts and nyloc nuts to secure the line to the t-arm. This is for offset arms. Stock OE arms will use two (2) self tapping screws to hold down the brake line clip. Just let us know which style of arm you have. Both require drilling into the trailing arm.

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Part Number RB-13-OE

Part number: RB-13-OE

Price: $119.99 pair