Rubber and polyurethane bushings are two common types of suspension bushings used in vehicles. Here are some of the main differences between them:

  1. Durability: Polyurethane bushings are generally more durable than rubber bushings. They can withstand more wear and tear, and are less likely to degrade or crack over time.
  2. Stiffness: Polyurethane bushings are stiffer than rubber bushings. This can provide better handling and responsiveness, but can also result in increased road noise and harshness.
  3. Performance: Polyurethane bushings can provide better performance and stability than rubber bushings, especially in high-performance or racing applications. They can help to reduce wheel hop, improve traction, and provide better overall handling.
  4. Maintenance: Polyurethane bushings require less maintenance than rubber bushings. They are less prone to damage from oil, grease, and chemicals, and are generally easier to clean and maintain.
  5. Cost: Polyurethane bushings are usually more expensive than rubber bushings, but they can also provide better value for money due to their increased durability and performance.
  6. Installation: Generally poly bushings are easier to install with less speciality tools or effort to complete installation. 

In summary, the main differences between rubber and polyurethane bushings are their durability, stiffness, performance, maintenance requirements, and cost. Polyurethane bushings are generally more durable, stiffer, and provide better performance, but they can also be more expensive and result in increased road noise and harshness. Rubber bushings are typically softer and quieter, but may require more maintenance and have a shorter lifespan. The choice between the two ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences.


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