The links below will lead you to more information about removal of various parts on Corvettes.

* Policies and Warranties

** Wheel Specs - 63-82

*** Basic Torque Specs

***A-Arm Bushing Bolts Info

Read before installing factory control arms

**Alignment Spec - degrees

**Alignment Specs - inches

ASB-F-760 - ALL sway bars

ASB-F-856, ASB-F-761

ASB-R-347 - 63-65 rear sway bar

for 63-65 only

ASB-R-347-OSK rear sway bar

Does NOT fit 80-82 models

ASB-R-913 - 66-82 rear sway bar

ASB-R-347, ASB-R-907, 66-82 installations

BA-21iK - loaded supports

Also covers BA-22iK

BAN-45 Trailing Arm Instructions

BAR-44, BAE-44, BAN-44, BAON-25

Borg-E - All w/factory power

Basic borgeson box installation


Borgeson Reinforcement Bracket

CO-C3-FS1 - Front Coilovers

FS2, FD1, FD2

CO-C3-RS1 - rear coilovers

CO-C3-RS1, CO-C3-RD1, CO-C3-RD2

DK-08 Tow Mount

only for coilover conversions

FSC-02-450 - ALL semi coilovers

FSC-01-400, FSC-03-550, FSC-02D-450, FSC-03D-500

GN6 Caliper Instructions - 63-82

JRi Brochure

JRi Shock Tuning

Data sheet to adjust JRi shocks

Long Acre Racing Front Bump Steer Instructions

Parking Brake

PB-20K, PB-19, PB-18K

PBC-01 overview-parts


QA1 Shock Instructions

Valving, Install, Maintenance

Rear6579 - BREAK-IN

Break-in procedure for new gear installations

SG-24TM Tow Mount

tow mount bracket for rear leaf spring cars

SG-47 - diff reinforcement

SG-53-54 Kits

Delrin Differential Bushing Kits

Six Link Instructions 63-79

SM-01 shock mount tool

Removal of the OE shock mount


63-82 and 84-96 adjustable rods

SS-01K - smart strut kits

SS-02K (different inner mounts)


Bump Steer Kit

ST-09HDK - Tie Rod Adjusters

Sway Bar Rates

C2-C5 deflection rates

TA-18-OK - Kurtco T-arm Bushings


poly t-arm bushing install

TA-25 Offset T-arms


63-82 Tap & Die Kit

U-joint Warning - 63-79


Camber Brace Install

VSC-63330 - All composite springs

VSC-63300 VSC-63360, VSC-63400

Wilwood Master Cylinders - 63-64