Van Steel Coilovers for 1984-1996 Corvettes offer several unique features and benefits that set them apart. Here are some of the special aspects of Van Steel Coilovers for these specific Corvette models:

  1. Custom-engineered design: Van Steel Coilovers for Corvettes are custom-engineered to fit each specific model within the tight tolerances of each Corvette year range. This ensures a precise fit and optimal performance.
  2. Adjustable ride height: Van Steel Coilovers offer adjustable ride height, allowing you to fine-tune the suspension to your desired level. This feature enables you to achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance.
  3. Adjustable damping: The coilovers feature adjustable damping, allowing you to tailor the shock absorber's response to different driving conditions and preferences. This enhances the ride quality, handling, and overall performance of your Corvette.
  4. High-quality construction: Van Steel Coilovers are built using high-quality materials and undergo rigorous quality control processes. They are made to withstand the demands of high-performance driving and provide long-lasting durability.
  5. Improved handling and cornering: By replacing the factory suspension components with Van Steel Coilovers, you can significantly improve the handling and cornering capabilities of your Corvette. The adjustable ride height and damping allow you to fine-tune the suspension to your desired level of performance.
  6. Enhanced ride comfort: Despite their sporty nature, Van Steel Coilovers are designed to provide a comfortable ride. The adjustable damping allows you to find the optimal setting that balances performance and comfort, ensuring an enjoyable driving experience.
  7. Reputable manufacturer: Van Steel has a long-standing reputation in the Corvette community and has been providing high-quality suspension components for Corvettes for many years. Our expertise and dedication to quality make their coilovers a popular choice among Corvette enthusiasts.

Shimming the shock eyelet is required to remove the air gap on 84-96 Rear Kits. Some lower rear knuckles may need some minor material removed for the lower mount to fit correctly.  All rear only kits can be used on 84-87 Corvettes but the rear upper mount hardware will not be provided.


1989 - 1996
Single Adjustable Coil-Over Systems

$2,799.99 4 pcs


1989 - 1996
Double Adjustable Coilover Kit - Street/Advanced

$3,349.99 4 pcs


1989 - 1996
Double Adjustable Coilover Kit - Race

$3,349.99 4 pcs


88 ONLY - Single Adjustable Coil-Overs

$2,799.99 each


88 ONLY - Double Adjustable Coil-Overs

$3,529.99 each


1984 - 1987
Front Coilover System - Single Adjustable

$1,789.99 pair


1988 - 1996
Front Coilover System - Single Adjustable

$1,399.99 pair


1988 - 1996
Front Coilover System - Double Adjustable

$1,759.99 pair


1988 - 1996
Rear Coilover System - Single Adjustable

$1,748.99 pair


1984 - 2013
Hard Bar C/O Pin Mount w/Hardware (pr)

$123.99 pair


1984 - 1987
84-87 Lower Coilover Bracket Kit

$799.99 pair


1988 - 1996
Rear Coilover System - Double Adjustable

$2,059.99 pair


1989 - 1996
Factory Front Sway Bar Relocation Kit

$475.99 each


1989 - 1996
Sway Bar Relocation Kit - No Endlinks

$199.99 pair


1963 - 2019
Single Spanner Wrenches

$14.99 each


1988 - 1996
C4 Rear Upper Mount Kit (pr)

$214.99 pair


1984 - 1996
Rear Lower Coilover Mount

$379.99 pair


1988 - 1996
Rear Upper & Lower Coilover Mount Kit

$574.99 pair


1984 - 1996
C4 Rear Tow Mount

$89.99 pair