C4 Rear Lower Coilover Mount

  • Accepts Shock with 1" Wide Heim, 1/2" Bolt
  • Aerospace Material
  • Strongest Coilover Mount Available
  • C-N-C Machined
  • Mounting Hardware Included


These mounts were designed by Gary Hoffman of HardBar USA to strengthen the existing shock mount to support the weight of the C4.   They are C-N-C machined out of aerospace material providing you with the strongest coilover mount on the market. This unique mount is made to except 1” wide heim joints and comes anodized with shoulder bolts and Nord Lock washers. These mounts are light weight, weighing and astonishing 1.4 lbs with the hardware. Minimal clearancing to the knuckle is required.

Part # CO-C4-420

Part number: CO-C4-420

Price: $379.99 pair