Get ride height adjustability without braking the bank. These systems replaces the fixed bucket coil spring with an adjustable front “semi-coil over” spring. With adjustable QA1 shocks you can tune your ride quality and handling characteristics. Van Steel up sizes the front sway bar for improved front response in the corners for both advanced and street and slalom kits.

In the rear we increase the composite spring rate while allowing for a stock to 1.5" lowered ride height. Added to this system are matching rear QA1 shock absorbers, and adjustable strut rods. With our Advanced touring suspension system, you’ll maintain excellent ride quality while having an adjustable suspension system. With the street & slalom kit, you'll get to carve those corners like never before.


1963 - 1982
SB Advanced Touring Suspension kit

$1,909.99 each


1963 - 1982
Advanced Street & Slalom Suspension kit

$2,199.99 each