There are several benefits to upgrading to a Van Steel composite spring for the rear of your C3 Corvette, including:


  1. Improved ride quality: The composite material used in Van Steel springs provides a more comfortable ride compared to traditional steel springs. This is due to the ability of the composite material to absorb vibrations and impacts more effectively.
  2. Increased durability: Composite springs are more resistant to fatigue and wear compared to steel springs. They are also resistant to corrosion, which can lead to longer service life.
  3. Weight reduction: Composite springs are significantly lighter than steel springs, which can help to reduce the overall weight of the car. This can lead to improved performance, handling, and fuel efficiency.
  4. Adjustable ride height: Van Steel composite springs are adjustable when utilizing our 8" spring adjustment bolt kit, allowing you to fine-tune the ride height of your Corvette to your desired specifications. This can be particularly useful if you are using different wheel and tire combinations or have made other modifications to your Corvette's suspension.
  5. Improved handling: The reduced weight and increased stiffness of composite springs can help to improve the handling of your Corvette. The more precise handling can make the car easier to control at high speeds and in performance driving situations.
300 lb. Composite Monospring Replaces a 9-leaf stock spring and rides very soft. Great for Mid-Years.  Ideal when combined with QA1 Non Adjustable shocks. Spring spacer should be on top of the spring. Not recommended for C3 models.

330 lb. Composite Monospring: A Plus one to the 300 composite rear spring. Can be used on any 1963-1982 small block car. Rides and handles great. Ideal when combined with GT front coil springs and QA1 Non Adjustable shocks. Spring spacer should be underneath the spring. 

360 lb. Composite Monospring: The Street/Slalom spring. Recommended for all big block cars and those wanting greatly enhanced handling in SB cars. This high performance spring gives better ride than a 7-leaf with far superior handling. Ideal spring to use with SS front coils (550 lbs./inch) and QA1 Non Adjustable Sport shocks. Spring spacer should be underneath the spring. 

400 lb. Composite Monospring: Increased stiffness. Racers and drag racing. Direct substitute for Daytona Steel Spring (400 lbs./inch) and should be used with an adjustable shock. Spring spacer should be underneath the spring. 

With the Composite Rear Spring Kit you must use 8" long spring bolts.

***NOTE*** Our standard composite springs are 1/2" shorter than factory steel springs. This is done for tire clearance and manufacturing purposes. There are no ill effects to running our standard springs on a factory setup. Our shortened composite springs are 1" shorter per side than a factory steel spring. This is only for maximum tire clearance and will cause some unavoidable wear on the spring from the spring adjustment bolt. Only our "shortened composite springs" options will have this issue. Please have your tire specs ready if you're going to call with questions. Typically anything wider than a 255 in the rear on C3's will require a shortened composite spring IF you plan on running a 15"-17" wheel. Most C2s can't fit more than a 225.

To best pick your spring rate, we typically ask how you drive your car, small block or big block, and how much power you plan on making. The higher the HP, the higher the rate to prevent the car from squating too much…but the ride becomes more firm. Small block mid-year Corvettes typically get a 300lb spring, big block cars get a 360. For C3 small blocks we run a 330lb spring. Big blocks and most LS motors should run a 360 to handle the power/torque. For Drag setups with high HP, we recommend a 400 spring with double adjustable shocks.


1963 - 1982
QA1 Non-Adjustable Shocks - Car Set

$559.99 4 pcs


1963 - 1967
300 lb. Spring

$499.99 each


1963 - 1982
Low Arch 330# Rear Spring

$499.99 each


1963 - 1982
Shortened - 330 lb spring

$599.99 each


1963 - 1982
QA1 Non Adjustable Sport - Car Set

$589.99 each


1963 - 1982
Low Arch 360# Rear Spring

$499.99 each


1963 - 1982
Shortened - 360 lb. Spring

$599.99 each


1963 - 1982
Low Arch 400 lb. Spring

$549.99 each


1963 - 1982
Shortened - 400 lb. Spring

$599.99 each


1963 - 1982
Composite Spring Heat Shield

$28.99 each


1963 - 1982
8 Inch Bolt Kit w/Poly Bushings

$49.99 pair


1963 - 1982
Rear Non Adjustable QA1 Shock

$169.99 each


1963 - 1982
Rear QA1 Single Adjustable Shock

$204.99 each


1963 - 1982
Replacement Center Mount Kit - Composite Spring

$69.99 each


1963 - 1982
Composite Spring Pad

$14.99 each

Illus. #13
1963 - 1977
Spring Plate w/Bolts (2.25 Spring)

$45.99 each


1963 - 1977
Diff Tow Mount Bracket - 63-77 Rear Spring Car

$74.99 each


1953 - 1996
Spring Removal/Install Tool

$149.99 each