Corvettes exude performance, speed and style. Corvettes are bred for the track but can serve both on and off-track duties. JRi’s performance technology allows one to transition from street to track in minutes, optimizing overall handling without sacrificing ride quality. These shocks are tuned for those looking to maximize their pro touring abilities. Get the most out of any condition, autocross, road course, or the daily commute.

  • Top tier shocks for C2 & C3 Corvettes
  • C2/3 with disk brakes 
  • Double Adjustable, threaded for coilovers 
  • Nitrogen charged for added consistency delivering better performance and longevity 
  • Enhance ride quality while supplying superior grip 
  • Allow for dynamic low speed and high speed control optimizing handling
  • Upgrade performance in a multitude of applications - daily driving, advanced street use, autocross and competitive on-track use 
  • Specific valving for 63-82 Corvettes
  • Minor welding for rear upper shock mounts


1963 - 1982
Front Coilover Kit w/JRi Shocks

$4,899.99 each


1963 - 1982
Rear Coilover Kit with JRi Shocks

$2,999.99 each


1965 - 1982
Coilover Trailing Arms & Hardware - No Coilovers

$1,074.99 each


1963 - 1982
Rear Coilover Reinforcement Bracket Kit 2 Brackets w/ 1/2

$31.99 pair