Van Steel tubular control arms provide a strong control arm at a reduced weight. Using chromoly tubing, our control arms are built to handle the track, but designed for everyday street use. The upper control arms provide 6 degrees of caster built in by rolling the upper ball joint back 5/8". The increased caster is for greater highway speed stability with modern steel belted radial tires and also provides better initial turn-in when having fun in the corners.

For our kits, you also get an 1 1/8" sway bar with rod end style end links to control sway bar throw arm pitch when adjusting ride height.

The delrin bushings prolong service life being a self-lubricating material. They also reduce stiction in the bushings allowing for greater handling and ride quality. Finally we utilizing Moog lower ball joints for better service life.


1963 - 1982
Tubular Upper A-Arms

$859.99 pair


1963 - 1982
Tubular Control Arms for Factory Coils

$2,499.99 each


1963 - 1982
Tubular Lower A-Arms - Stock Coil Spring & Shock

$1,732.99 pair


1963 - 1982
63-82 Tubular A-Arms W/Single Adjustable Coilovers

$3,199.99 4 pcs


1963 - 1982
63-82 Tubular A-Arms W/Double Adj. Coilovers

$3,399.99 4 pcs


1963 - 1982
Front Coilover Arms ONLY w/1.125 Swaybar (no shocks)

$2,499.99 4 pcs