QA1 shocks offers a direct bolt in shock for 97-13 Corvettes. No clearance issues and available in a double or quad-adjustable shocks for the ultimate in tunability of your chassis. With three standard spring rates from QA1 and even higher rates available via Hyperco or Landrum performance springs, we can dial in your Corvette for street or track duty. 

Street and drag setups can take advantage of the standard double adjustable shocks where autocross and road coarse cars can adjust their setup based on spring rates, driving style and surface conditions with the quad-adjustable mod shocks. We provide baseline settings to start with and pointers on how to tune it from there.


1997 - 2013
Front Coilovers - Double Adjustable

$1,299.99 pair


1997 - 2013
Rear Coilovers - Double Adjustable

$1,299.99 pair


1997 - 2013
Front Coilovers - Mod Shocks (4-way)

$1,999.99 pair


1997 - 2013
Rear Coilovers - Mod Shocks (4-way)

$1,999.99 pair


1997 - 2013
Car Set of Coilover Pin Mounts w/Hardware

$299.99 each


1997 - 2013
Rear Upper Coilovers Mount Kit

$199.99 each


1984 - 2013
Hard Bar C/O Pin Mount w/Hardware (pr)

$123.99 pair


1963 - 2019
Single Spanner Wrenches

$14.99 each