New Front Hub Complete w/Timken Bearings. Each hub is inspected after the races are installed for proper run out spec. This ensures no pad knock and a better braking system.

  • American Made
  • .003 run out or less for optimal breaking performance
  • New Timken Bearings and Races
  • New National Seal
  • New Grease Cap
  • Spindle Nut Washer
  • New Cotter Pin
  • Longer ARP studs for racing applications or for those using spacers 
  • Factory sized 7/16 x 20 studs (3" long, trim to fit if needed)
  • Clear Corrosive Resistant Coating may be Black or Clear
NOTE: The 3" long studs can be bumped and shift slightly during shipping. If your rotor does not fit properly, some minor hits with a rubber mallet onto the wheel studs will allow the rotor to fit. This will not affect the studs or hub. If you have any concerns, just give us a call. 

The hubs come complete with Timken USA bearings and races. The races will be installed in the unit along with new stock size wheel studs. Also included is a new castle nut, cotter pin, washer and grease cap.

Choose CE for 63-68 Corvettes, or C for 69-82 models. 

Part number: FB-15-LS

Price: $349.99 each
Built to order lead time: 1-2 weeks

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