Cast Iron Rear End Conversion: Mostly bolt in, but due to some frame variances you may have to make adjustments to the differential pinion bracket. 

Kit Includes:
  • Cast Iron Rear End
  • Your Choice of Gear - Choose in drop down
  • New Posi Unit
  • New 30 Spline Inner Yokes (1350)
  • New 30 Spline Spider Gears
  • New Steel Clutch Pack
  • New 1330 Pinion Yoke w/U-Bolts
  • New Poly Pinion Bushing Kit
  • New 3" Half Shafts w/Solid Spicer U-Joints (1350)
  • New Spindle Flanges w/Mounting Bolts
  • French Locks
  • New Adjustable Strut Rods
  • Strut Rod Bracket w/Mounting Bolts
  • Pinion Bracket w/Mounting Hardware
  • Labor to Machine Posi
  • Labor to Machine Housing
  • Labor to Set Up Rear
  • 31 Spline Outer Axles (1350) mounted on Van Steel Coilovers
**Due to variances in the batwing mount location, you may have to modify the diff tongue bracket for proper fitment. A custom driveshaft will also need to be fitted in most cases.
***Batwing not included, some minor grinding required on your differential mount***

Part number: 808s-CONV-1350CO

Price: $8,699.99 each

Additional Options: