Bump Steer Kit
  • Controls Toe Change
  • Stronger than Factory
  • Chromoly Studs
  • Chomoly Rod Ends
  • 2024 CF Aluminum Hex Tubing - Powder Coated
Our bump steer kit features PTFE lined FK Rod ends inboard and outboard. These rod ends are low friction, eliminate bushing deflection and smooth articulation. The rod ends are self lubricated offering robust reliablity. Furthermore our kit provides increased stability and eliminates bushing deflection. An increase range of toe adjustment is essential for lowered cars as ride height changes affect toe and camber. The HD tie rod sleeves for C2 & C3 Corvettes are machined from 2024 CF Aluminum hex tubing and come with jam nuts for factory tie rod sleeves. The hex tubing allows for quicker adjustments when aligning the car and the machined ring denotes LH thread side (outboard side).

Our inboard and outboard studs are 4140 Chromoly and come with a zinc finish.

Sold as a pair.

Made in the USA.

Quick Synopsis of Bump Steer
Bump steer is when the front wheels steer themselves without input from the steering wheel. The undesirable steering is caused by bumps in the road interacting with improper length or angle of the suspension and steering linkages. 

Part number: ST-09BSK

Price: $475.99 pair


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